Maria Schneider, who is probably best known as Marlon Brando’s object of his sort of affection in the pic, Last Tango in Paris, has died.

The actress was just 20 years old when she starred opposite Brando in that film, which raised controversy for its sexually explicit scenes (hold the butter please) and received an X-rating at the time of its release 1973.

Brando got an Oscar nom for the pic and Schneider, it seemed, was on her way to stardom. Not too many American roles followed and the actress suffered from psychological problems. She entered a mental hospital in the mid ‘70s, and made headlines for drug and alcohol problems as well as suicide attempts during that decade. In fact, she never really measured up to the promised she showed in Last Tango in Paris.

Schneider died in Paris at the age of 58 and was reportedly suffering from cancer.