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Had Ernie Kovacs lived he would have been 92 years old on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011. We can only imagine what sort of funnyman he would have been at that age, but we do have proof of his comic genius by way of a complete DVD box set.

The Ernie Kovacs Collection will included hours of entertainment on six discs from his body of work. The DVDs won’t be available until April, 19th, 2011, but The Shout! Factory, the company releasing the collection, is encouraging us all to give Kovacs a Happy Birthday shout-out via Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Fans can celebrate Kovacs’ birthday via their own social media outlets or visit the following sites:

Facebook: <>

Twitter:  @erniekovacs <>

Myspace: <>

Official website: <

The gang are all fans of Kovacs’ comedy and if you’ve never seen this comic wiz in action (who died way too soon), do yourself a favor and check out the discs.

And now, just to get the party started…Happy Birthday, Ernie! We miss your genius!

Click onto the two videos for a couple of classic bits from Ernie Kovacs and his beautiful wife Edie Adams.