Carla Gugino in 'Every Day'
Carla Gugino in 'Every Day'

Although she headlined two criminally overlooked and short-lived TV shows (Karen Sisco, Threshold), and is featured this season as Hank’s (David Duchovny) lawyer on Californication, Carla Gugino is not a TV addict herself.  “I’m not a big TV watcher and in fact some of the best writing now is being done on television,” said Gugino, who was promoting her new film, the indie drama Every Day. “And obviously I’m not alone in that.  I just started watching the first season of Breaking Bad, which I just think is amazing.  I watched Californication when they had asked me about this part and I ended up loving the show.  And with Entourage (she plays agent Amanda Daniels), I had known Jeremy Piven for a very long time and I had seen the show before and thought it was really funny.  I’m a huge movie watcher and I own tons of DVDs and laserdiscs.  And the way I end up watching TV is usually on DVD years later when I actually watch full seasons. With my iPad maybe that will change when I start streaming things.  I’ve just been really fortunate to have been asked to do shows that I ended up really liking.”

One of my favorite Gugino projects is the 1998 film Snake Eyes, a Brian De Palma directed thriller starring Nicolas Cage.  The picture featured an ambitious, 13-minute opening tracking shot which gave viewers a look into the corrupt (yet addictive) world of compromised police officer Ricky Santoro (Cage).  Gugino plays a mysterious woman involved with an assassination at Atlantic City’s Millennium Hotel, and it’s up to Ricky to figure out if she and his buddy, Navy commander Kevin Dunne (Gary Sinise), orchestrated the conspiracy.  Snake Eyes also featured an elaborate tidal wave sequence in the film’s final moments, but De Palma left it on the cutting room floor.  The actress divulged that she actually caught pneumonia while filming the scene, but nonetheless Gugino enjoyed working with the filmmaker.  Click on the media bar and listen to the actress talk about Snake Eyes’ tidal wave and working with Mr. De Palma. [MEDIA=4197] Every Day centers on the trials and tribulations of Ned and Jeannie (Liev Schreiber, Helen Hunt) a married couple who are just going through the motions.  Gugino stars as Robin, a co-worker of Ned’s (they are TV writers) who, for lack of a better word, tickles his fancy.  The indie comedy-drama opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday.

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posted by Greg Srisavasdi

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