Director Park Chan Wook courtesy Adam Cook (CC-BY-SA 2.0)
Director Park Chan Wook courtesy Adam Cook (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Respected South Korean director Park Chan-Wook has produced and premiered the first ever iPhone-created major motion picture.

Night Fishing is Chan-Wook’s iPhone-shot creation that is said to be cinema-standard quality.

And, the whole thing cost just $133,000 and 10 days to finish!  The implications are obvious, but the director says that the new, simpler, cheaper technology won’t get in the way of the most important element of filmmaking; the entertainment. “Making a film with smartphones might generate more interest at the moment,” Chan-Wook told Yonhap news.  “But as time goes by, stories and actors on screen will be seen as more important.”

Chan-Wook said that he shot his new film with two iPhones but he also used shots videoed by crew members and that “Some of them had an unexpectedly interesting angle.”

It all began with the thought experiment of a half-hour fantasy to be realized with a puny iPhone for fun. “It was a new experience compared with making a meticulously planned movie. Even a casual and spontaneous shot delivered a surprise,” the Cannes Film Festival winner said.  “It felt like there were more choices.”

Of course making a film is the easy part.  Distribution deals are still impossible for most Indies.

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