Mad Men on AMC

Mad Men on AMC

“If you don’t like being at something like this (and not winning), you shouldn’t be in the business,” Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter. “We’re out of work right now, and I get to hang out with my family,” talking about the cast, that is. “This is my family.”

Despite being nominated in three categories, Mad Men won nothing at the SAG Awards last night.

though his new contract has yet to be signed, Weiner said he’s “not looking for a new job,” knowing that Lionsgate and AMC will work out something with the hit series for season five.


Ed Helms in 'Cedar Rapids' (Credit: Zade Rosenthal/Twentieth Century Fox)

Ed Helms in 'Cedar Rapids' (Credit: Zade Rosenthal/Twentieth Century Fox)

Ed Helms has already proven that can be an integral part of an ensemble (TV’s The Office, The Hangover), but he is front and center for the upcoming comedy Cedar Rapids.  Helms plays Tim, an insurance agent who has never ventured beyond his own comfort zone.  When he is sent to represent his company at a convention, Tim learns a few life lessons from several convention vets (John C. Reilly, Anne Heche, Isiah Whitlock Jr.).  Click on the media bar and listen to Helms talk about his role in the film, which was produced by Sideways director Alexander Payne. 

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Cedar Rapids, co-starring Sigourney Weaver and Rob Corddry, opens February 11th.

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"HARRY'S LAW" (l-r) Christopher McDonald as Thomas Jefferson, Nate Corddry as Adam Branch -- Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

"HARRY'S LAW" (l-r) Christopher McDonald as Thomas Jefferson, Nate Corddry as Adam Branch -- Photo by: Jordin Althaus/NBC

Christopher McDonald plays bad really well, otherwise why would he be cast as the arrogant meanie in so many movies and TV shows?

Well, he’s in good form on Harry’s Law (10:00 p.m. ET/PT, NBC), as the slick, rich attorney, Thomas Jefferson. Sure, it’s familiar territory, but co-starring opposite an Oscar winner like Kathy Bates isn’t always factored into the equation and it’s a opportunity he’s grateful for – especially considering Harry was originally supposed to be a man.

“She’s kicking butt, taking names and doing it with great aplomb,” he states. “It’s very refreshing and against type and you’ve got to love her for doing it, but she’s got the chops to pull it off.”

McDonald got his own vote of confidence portraying the obnoxious guy on Harry’s Law from the producers, who had him slated for three episodes, which quickly turned into 11.

“It was great,” he acknowledges. “It’s kind of fun to be the big, fat jerk. Every story needs one. I’ve played all kinds of parts, but the one that makes the most resonates are the jerks. People love seeing me play jerks.”

His character will be asking Harry (Bates) for assistance on a case tonight.

Despite having filmed the entire season already, the actor will probably be back for more.

“It’s thrilling to see a show come out as a hit right out of the box,” he points out firmly. “Usually, especially for a David E. Kelley show it takes a few episodes for people to catch on. I think the fact that he is so well loved and Kathy Bates is so well loved and respected in this business that it shot up to be the number one drama right out of the box was cool.”


LIE TO ME: Lightman (Tim Roth, R) and Foster (Kelli Williams, L)  the season finale episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Jan. 31 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX

LIE TO ME: Lightman (Tim Roth, R) and Foster (Kelli Williams, L) in the season finale episode of LIE TO ME airing tonigh (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Patrick Wymore/FOX

It’s the season three finale of Lie to Me tonight (9:00 p.m. ET/PT, FOX) and the story is a great way to call it a night for Kelli Williams.

Williams stars as Dr. Gillian Foster to Tim Roth‘s Dr. Cal Lightman on the drama – and though her character usually has it all together – the season ender will unravel Foster‘s strong exterior a tad.

“A client of mine – and an old friend – comes to ask for my help,” Williams begins. “She is one of three students who have started a social network kind of app. Something happens and she gets into a bit of trouble. I’m emotionally invested because she’s a dear friend of mine and I’m doubly invested trying to figure out what happened.”

It was a boon episode for the actress because she gets to demonstrate a level of anger that Foster rarely shows.

“I got to get really p—ed off. I get to do everything in this episode it seems,” she says elated. “I’m really upset, I’m really p—ed off, it’s very intense. And it’s a bittersweet one to film because we knew we were going to go on break and we haven’t gotten our renewal yet. I think it was a bit loaded with other emotions like is this our last time and the crew wondering if they’ve got to get themselves other jobs. So, there was a lot going on for us.”

The cast and crew won’t know if they’re getting another season for another couple of months. Still, both season two and three have seen a rise in viewers since the show changed its direction to include more action. But, until they all receive word giving the drama another go ’round, it’ll be a waiting game.

“It’s a strange wait,” Williams acknowledges. “We’ve had the same crew from the beginning and it’s a great group. I know everybody says that very liberally, but I mean it this time. If you looked at my face you would see no expressions of something else. We really get along and it’s really tight. You hope to keep everyone, but everyone’s got to go where the work is.”

Many hope the work stays put for a season four.


Natalie Portman courtesy Josh Jensen (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

Natalie Portman courtesy Josh Jensen (CC-BY-SA 2.0)

“My parents who taught me to work my hardest and never be an asshole,” Natalie Portman said during her acceptance speech last night. “It’s never acceptable.” Although TBS silenced-out the six letter A word.

Portman had just won the SAG Award best actress for Black Swan.

She also said a lot of other things and thanked endless known and unknown people.

And she thanked the bit-part dancer she met while working on Swan who somehow got her attention long enough to, well, she’s expecting a child from/with him.