One of Lindsay Lohan's mug shots

One of Lindsay Lohan's mug shots

If true, it must have been quite a battle.

Palm Desert cops, in the early hours back on the 12th got a battery call from Betty Ford rehab.

Trying to sort things out after arriving, the story they allegedly got from a Ford female staff person (according to TMZ) is that famous guest Lindsay Lohan (reportedly) went out with other Ford guests to a tavern for who-knows-what.

The why and how she got out of the clinic is a separate story, argument.

Then when Lohan (and her friends?) returned, she got confronted by the staffer where a brawl unfolded and “hand-to-hand battery” further unfolded (occurred).

And the TMZ snitch alleges that the lady staff person wants to prosecute Ms. Lohan for the (reportedly, alleged) attack. (sic)

The prosecutor is still chewing on the case to see if it’s worth the People’s money to go to court.