The original Playboy Mansion in Chicago courtesy Jeff Zoline (CC-SA 2.0)

Finally, a TV drama about the day to day, behind the scenes lives of the employees that kept the 1960s Playboy clubs solvent.  So says Variety.

Okay, so it doesn’t sound like much, but that’s why programing VPs are fired every few weeks.

However, NBC is betting that the show will be the next big thing, and to make sure that it has everything including the kitchen sink it will throw in the sexual revolution and stuff.

Interesting (for TV historians) that the success of one type of show is copied by several others, no matter how stupidly done.  On cable there are several reality shows centering around “little people,” and now there’s three programs about pit bulls.

The Playboy idea follows Mad Men and joins developing dramas from Starz and ABC that revisit the sixties.