Mercury Nashville's Randy Montana Stars in "1,000 Faces" Video photo: Alex Ferrari

Mercury Nashville's Randy Montana Stars in "1,000 Faces" Video (photo credit: Alex Ferrari)

With over 60 extras acting in a closed-down section of Nashville six days ago, Mercury Nashville artist Randy Montana was showcased in a big budgeted music video.

All that for his new single 1,000 Faces, written by Montana and Tom Douglas. The video was directed fast and efficiently by Robert Deaton and George Flanigen.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see this video,” Montana said. “Working with Robert and George was awesome. I had a great time talking with the extras and all the people that just walked up to see what all the noise was and why the street was blocked off. There was also a hammered drunk homeless man named Memphis that walked up in the middle of the shoot. He looked at me and said, ‘If y’all let me dance, I’ll make you more money.’ I think he thought we were playing for tips.”

Go to to hear the single and see behind the scenes footage. Click on the van cam #14 episode. The single will be available January 4.