Randy Quaid when he was on the hit list.
Randy Quaid when he was on the hit list.

“I feel good.  If it wasn’t for Canada’s refugee laws my wife and I would be dead,” actor Randy Quaid said yesterday in the shadow of whatever the Great White North adjudicates as justice.  Quaid is ecstatic because he (and wife Evi) may be close to getting into the history (and Guinness) books by being the only Americans ever to gain refugee status.

The Quaids are on the (short) murder list by Hollywood Leftists (just kidding, actually the killers are capitalist studio star whackers).  The Canadians are listening to this as if learning that Kevin McCarthy was right and sea pods were going to take over the Earth.

Randy and his (even more) eccentric wife Evi are courageously enduring two hearings at Canada’s Immigration and Refugee board.  First hearing is the refugee claim, second is admissibility.

The whole circus would take a novella to document, but much was chronicled by three previous HollywoodOutbreak reports that would bring the ignorant (not stupid, just uninformed and curious), up to date if researched.

Meantime, the Quaids can live off the fat of Vancouver for another month until the they have their day in court.

Many are rooting for the Quaids to get their way.  Not because their case has merit, but because a favorable ruling will ignite an immigration onslaught drastically changing demographics between America and Canada.

It’s long been thought unfair that Canada should have all that land with so few people.

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