We are continuing with our exclusive interview with Joey Martin Feek of Joey and Rory fame.

Date night is over (Country Music Awards) and now it’s time for the duo to get back to work, which means touring and writing songs.

Joey enjoys meeting the fans, but she also makes sure a little bit of home travels with her from town to town.

“I have to bring my husband with me. So, that’s good, check that off the list,” she laughs. “I have to have the security that we’re surrounded by people that we love – and good people. Our bus driver is a friend of ours and got this job by being a friend. It’s important for us that when we do leave the farm that we take an extension of the farm life on the road.”

Though they first hit the Nashville scene through the reality show from CMT and American Idol called Can You Duet (they placed third), it was the appearance in the commercials where they received national recognition.

“When those videos and those commercials hit, TV is so powerful,” she points out. “All the people that watch TV and all the impressions we got from that, it just changed our walk in the airport, it changed our trips to Wal-Mart, it changed out trips to the grocery store, or movies or anywhere we go because we became recognizable in people’s minds. Not only because of the Overstock commercials, but because we’re so branded.”

Branded as a couple – and Country Music duo to be sure. But, they’re still just down-home folks, living on a farm and, in Joey’s case, tending her garden, which includes fruits, veggies and herbs.

“My mom always had a garden growing up and she canned everything for the wintertime,” Joey recalls. “I was raised with that so I grow a big garden with most everything you can think of from asparagus to Brussels sprouts to squash and tomatoes, pumpkin, cantaloupe, watermelon, a wide variety of things. It really is my way of kind of getting back into nature…of calming…of stress relief. Just the joy of planting a seed and saying a little prayer and seeing how the abundance is given back.”

And like any good gardener, Joey along with Rory and their family live off of their harvest.

They’re so family focused that Joey and her sister-in-law Marcy co-own Marcy Jo’s Mealhouse in Pottsville, Tennessee. Joey still works at the establishment when she’s not on the road.

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Posted by Mari Cartel