Neil Diamond attribution: Irisgerh at en.wikipedia

Neil Diamond in 2007 attribution: Irisgerh at en.wikipedia

With most all of his 69 years involved in music, and much of that in performing to live audiences, Neil (the Jewish Elvis) Diamond knows something about working a crowd.

It’s news then that the veteran/legend is glad that he never had to perform within the scary conditions of the American Idol show.

“‘American Idol’ isn’t typical of people going into the music business.  These youngsters have a chance to express their talent to millions of people and it’s very scary,” Diamond revealed to Pop Tarts. “I would not want do it myself; certainly not in the beginning of my career.  But the best advice I can offer people is to love what you’re doing, love your work and be ready to work, work and work. With that combination and a little bit of luck, you might have a chance to get out there and have your music heard.”

100% pluck, 100% luck and a whole lotta talent.  Nothing to it.