Close quarters fueled the acting in "Altitude."
Close quarters fueled the acting in "Altitude."

Altitude is a supernatural thriller that stars Jessica Lowndes as a young woman who has just gotten her pilots license. Bummer for her that on a flight to take her friends out for fun, she runs into a dark cloud – actually a sinister dark cloud – with a gigantic beast floating in it out to annihilate the group.

The actress says she was so serious about the role that she actually took flying lessons to make it appear as realistic as possible. But, the real challenge came from actually shooting the movie in closed quarters in a set designed within the interior of a small airplane.

“For the whole movie we’re sitting in a six-person plane and I think Kaare Andews, the director, did such a great job of keeping it interesting,” she says. “Each angle is different and you kind of forget that you’re still in a plane. He had such a great creative vision, I think that’s what really made the movie.”

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The CGI was extensive and though Lowndes made it look easy, it was actually grueling to keep focused on her mission…despite distractions.

“There are so many emotional stakes that you have to keep that emotional level every single day,” Lowndes explains. “My character, she’s flying a plane, or in my case like green screen. So, there was like a craft services guy with sandwiches walking by and I have got to pretend he’s a monster. It was definitely challenging.”

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Altitude is currently out on DVD and has a number of cool extras added to the release that should please any diehard horror movie fanatic.

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