Denise Richards © Glenn Francis, (CC-SA 3.0)

Denise Richards © Glenn Francis, (CC-SA 3.0)

Just before Charlie Sheen got butt-naked and dopey at the NY Plaza Hotel, he was dining  friends and escorts, including the escort that he was later found with in the wrecked hotel room, according to Life & Style Weekly.

Charlie was rowdy from the beginning like he had been drinking prior,” L&S’s snitch says.

“Charlie was stumbling and loud and being very frisky and touchy-feely,” the eyewitness (with the good memory and big mouth) tells Life & Style. “Charlie and his date excused themselves to the bathroom together, for a long time. You don’t have to be an investigator to know what was going on in that bathroom.”

Ex-wife Denise Richards, staying at the same hotel (with her and Sheen‘s kids), greeted all at the table, but “looked like she had enough” of what must have reminded her of why she’s single today.

The cops entered Sheen‘s hotel room later to find the bloodied Two and a Half Men star staggering in nature’s own amid a beautifully busted chandelier as his/a escort reportedly screamed bloody murder from inside a dark closet.

Aspen (Colorado, not New Mexico) officials are reportedly weighing how hard to come down on Sheen, who is on probation from that domestic violence caper last December.