Author Katherine Schwarzenegger on the cover of Rock What You've Got

Author Katherine Schwarzenegger on the cover of "Rock What You've Got"

Instead of turning to revolution, tattoos, piercings or drugs, Katherine Schwarzenegger instead fought her real and imagined problems, issues, angst with a keyboard.

Writing Rock What You’ve Got at 20, with the vast experience of a unique life and the curiosity of a troubled understanding of herself, Schwarzenegger began a journey that has evolved her concept of beauty.

She examines current self-esteem thought, pragmatically mining elements that worked for her, discarding what didn’t, blending other approaches while avoiding flaws.

Katherine told she arrived at a place where others could avoid much anguish (while working with parents), to discover their actual reflection while easily managing, rather than wasting time fighting imaginary imperfections.

Schwarzenegger illustrates how the Hollywood concept of beauty doesn’t exist outside the cinema, magazine, airwaves (look at a celebrity without makeup, or in person) and how this pursuit of impossible perfection affects all women, but younger girls in particular. And you don’t need to compete with everyone at what they do best. Settle for what is possible and develop the strengths that make you special.

Searching, growing, harvesting inner beauty isn’t just an ancient self-help phrase but an outline that succeeds if the path is carefully chosen and one works at it.

Click onto video to see Katherine Schwarzenegger explain how she arrived at her journey and what discoveries worked for her.