Angelina Jolie gracing the current issue of "Lifestyle"

Angelina Jolie gracing the current issue of "Life & Style Weekly"

10 years ago, Franklin Meyer was a coke dealer (not Coca-Cola©) where he allegedly had a cocaine and heroine business relationship with Angelina Jolie.

“She was at my place. I was filming her and she’d taken coke,” Life & Style says Meyer tells them. “She went directly to do The Charlie Rose Show.”

Jolie was 24 then and not yet a UN Goodwill Ambassador, mother of six, media darling or alleged home-wrecker.

On the Jan. 14, 2000 show Jolie does seem to be someone else, stuttering, stumbling over words, spacey about not getting rid of her film characters, rambling on about her tattoos, fidgety in her seat.

Then, according to Meyer, she came back to his place.

Meanwhile, at Jolie‘s place, Meyer says that photos of dead bodies adorned her walls, and the goodwill pacifist had a fixation with knives.  Even then Jolie wanted to adopt a child, Meyer says.

No comment yet from Jolie‘s staff of lawyers, publicists, handlers, Angelina-cottage-industry milkers and outraged entourage.

Click onto video to see (allegedly high) Angelina Jolie on The Charley Rose Show (Courtesy of Life & Style Weekly)