Brigitte Bardot courtesy Michel Bernanau (CC 3.0)

Brigitte Bardot courtesy Michel Bernanau (CC 3.0)

Brigitte Bardot, once flesh-sexy beyond belief, now known for her beautiful brains says she wants French President Nicolas Sarkozy‘s job.

Although Bardot has said that politics disgusts her, she’s apparently had a change of direction with throwing her hat into the presidential ring.

If Bardot has her way, the Ecology Alliance party will run against Sarkozy in 2012, where heading the top of the ticket is hers for the asking.

A full-time animal rights advocate since retiring from the cinema while still popular and stunning at 29, Bardot told President Sarkozy he “took her for an idiot” for not keeping a campaign promise to outlaw traditional Muslim treatment of animals.  Getting madder with each breath, moment, word, Bardot said she may run against him.

“I am greatly misunderstood by politically correct idiots,” she told France magazine. “No matter whether it’s someone from the political left or right, we just need a voice to stand up and defend animal rights.”

It’s not easy to pin Bardot to the left or the right (terms coined by the seating arrangement of the French National Assembly) since she’s offended both at various times.

Like Mort Sahl, Bardot doesn’t stop until she equally slights everyone.  But in this unbrave new world, that just might get her in the Palais de l’Élysée.