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“The children rule the household and are always running around like monsters,” an insider tells In Touch Weekly, describing the Angelina JolieBrad Pitt household.

Far from the idyllic extended family that Angelina and Brad frequently describe, the Jolie-Pitt home is more chaotic than anyone could ever imagine, In Touch says that their snitch says.

Kids running wild, cussing, dames screaming.  More like the old lady in the shoe.  “She’s a disciplinarian on certain things, but she is extremely liberal in other ways,” a friend explains.  Liberal? Angelina? You’re kidding?

“Angelina doesn’t make anything taboo.” The kids allegedly watch whatever on TV and talk the R-talk as part of their vocabulary.  The sources are described as BradJolina “nannies” and say the celebrities are liberal in their kid’s junk food diets as well.

“No matter what, the kids get their way,” says the source.  If Brad and Angelina don’t start laying more ground rules at home, the insider states, their family life will only get even more “out of control.”

The worst that can happen if they continue to raise the children progressively is that they’ll turn out to be selfish, indolent, arrogant, sanctimonious hippies.  If you’ve got money and good press, you can get away with it just fine

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