Not the email in question, but not unlike the backward attitude?

Tribune top executive Lee Abrams had the cutest damned thing on his email with these jiggling busty woman and their big glandular developments bouncing just everywhere.  Can’t grab a breath it’s so frigging funny!

Well, other than savages like me and (perhaps) Mr. Abrams there are (apparently) a world of  people who thought the posting was like, less than gut-splitting.

One is Tribune Company‘s chief executive officer Randy Michaels who wasn’t laughing when he wrote that Abrams had been suspended without pay, The Hollywood Reporter reports (that [Jim] Romenesko reported.

“…a creative culture must be built on a foundation of respect,” Michaels memo’d yesterday to Trib employess.  “Our culture is not about being offensive or hurtful. We encourage employees to speak up when they see or hear something that they find offensive, as a number of employees did with regard to this particular email. I can assure you, you will be heard.”  All this after Abrams had apologized.

Earlier, other controversial (as in misogynistic) tidbits by Tribune officers were reported by the New York Times.

Is it a case of reckless foot-shooting, dense common-senselessness, or about an old man who just doesn’t get it?

Want to start making money again Tribune?  If I don’t have to move to Chicago, I’m there for that available innovator job.  Sounds fun.  I sleep late.  Call me.

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