Lisa Rinna (r.) with husband Harry Hamlin courtesy TV Land

Lisa Rinna (r.) with husband Harry Hamlin courtesy TV Land

It finally happened;  a star’s lips got so big that she actually had to cut them down to size.

It was 23 years ago that Lisa Rinna got her lips enlarged (plumped) but after decades of hardened silicone (and who knows what else) she finally had enough.  “My lips started to define who I am,”  People said Rinna said.  “That bothered me.”

And anyone that naturally beautiful shouldn’t be bothered.

Of course the story arrived a day before the premiere of her new reality show, Harry Loves Lisa on TV Land (10:00 p.m. ET/PT) with her husband, equally beautiful Harry Hamlin.

Her sore lips will take a reported half-year to heal, so that alone will be worth watching the show.  “My lip has no lumps! It’s smooth,” the 47-year old living goddess said.

Last year, while schlepping her book Rinnavation, Rinna admitted to her various witch’s brew from Botox to juvéderm, but that only opened a cyber-world of jokes from jealous ugly people.  “I took a big hit for being honest…It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings.”

And we don’t want Rinna to have hurt feelings any more than hurt lips.