She's Got The Look  (Photo by Michael Burr/PictureGroup)

"She's Got The Look" candidates (Photo by Michael Burr/PictureGroup)

TV Land‘s popular show She’s Got The Look will choose their star model tonight after a season of grueling duck-lining,  hoop-jumping and proving just who has the most beautiful brain.

The final telegenic and tough ladies will endure one last hour of fun (for the viewers) and agony (for the candidates) where they have to bare their intimate details in this final photo shoot and parade in nude bodysuits covered in Swarovski crystals.

The final huntresses must cat-fight it out in four-inch heels on a dangerous moving runway.  The last model standing is then (finally) crowned the winner of She’s Got the Look.

You’ll also see the finalists drool over the contract with Wilhelmina Models and the SELF magazine spread during this eye-passion finale.

Click onto video to see why one moving picture is worth infinite words.