Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth

Jaded carrying nine film cans under your arms of unsalable work-print, trying to make a four-wall deal?  Like to pay back your parents? (not to mention those pesky movie investors).  Well, fancy you making a cool 25 grand from your backyard movie (with or without Rita Hayworth).  Just enter The 1st Annual Vimeo Festival and Awards and become a genuine artiste instead of a stagedoor-johnny.

David Lynch, and other rebel filmmakers (not unlike yourself)  have gathered to judge the entries of the Vimeo Festival.  If you win your category, you’ll be in the running for best overall Film or Video and the grand prize includes a $25,000 grant to produce your next project.  And there’s plenty to go around; Narrative, Documentary, Music Video, Remix Original Series, Animation, Motion GFX, Experimental, and Captured.

Jet-set screenings, workshops, parties, and “…it’s going to be a blast!” to quote the press release.  The only catch is that you have to open up a Vimeo account (and according to my bank statement it’s not free).

To submit, or get rid of your melancholy, keystroke over to www.vimeoawards.com.

“Making a movie is a cross between a circus, a military campaign, a nightmare, an orgy and a high,” Norman Mailer said when sober.   But the toughest part is making money from one.