Iron Man 2, clobbered the competition raking in an additional $53 million in its second week out. The pic has amassed a total of $212 mil pushing it over the $200 million budget.

Robin Hood, with a $200 million cost, fell far short than expectations bringing in $37.1 million in its debut. Universal had high hopes for this remake, and considering first weekends are traditionally the strongest financially, recouping the cost of the movie is sure to be a slow go.

Things didn’t go just right for Just Wright. The romantic comedy starring Queen Latifah and Rapper Common landed at third place grabbing a meager $8.5 million box office take between Friday and Sunday.

It’s been eight weeks since the animated feature How to Train Your Dragon debuted in theaters, but it is still showing serious might financially, gathering up an additional $5.1 million. The flick cost $165. mil to make and overall it has grabbed a total of $207. million.

Coming in at fifth place, the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, which brought in $4.7 million in its third week in theaters. The movie cost $35 million to produce and has already made its costs back with $56 million total since its debut.

Rounding out the top 10:

6. Date Night $4 million

7. The Back-up Plan $2.4 million

8. Furry Vengeance $2.3 million

9. Letters to Juliet $1.3 million

10. Clash of the Titans $1.2 million