Moviegoers leaped right back down into the rabbit hole for the second week in a row. Filmmaker Tim Burton’s updated revisiting of Alice In Wonderland, starring Johnny Depp, grabbed the top slot bringing in a huge $62 million over the weekend. That’s down 42.6 percent from its debut of $116,101,023, but with mega box office numbers hovering at over $60 mil, Disney has got to be having a major un-birthday tea party of their own today. Check this out, the take for the flick to date is $208,625,000.

The Green Zone, starring Matt Damon, banked less green that projected, but still managed a weak $14,535,000 and second place between Friday and Sunday.

The romantic-comedy She’s Out of My League came in third place just behind The Green Zone with receipts estimated at $9,600,000 for its debut.

Remember Me did a forgettable $8,300,000 despite the film’s lead actor, Robert Pattinson, who has been a financial boon for the Twilight movies.

And Shutter Island, filmmaker Martin Scorsese and actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s mystery-thriller, still captured the interest of moviegoers landing in fifth place with an estimated $8,140,000 in box office receipts in its fourth week out.

Rounding out the top 10:

6. Our Family Wedding $7,600,000

7. Avatar $6,600,000

8. Brooklyn’s Finest $4,290,000

9. Cop Out $4,230,000

10. The Crazies $3,650,000