Geeks unite! She’s Out of My League follows the relationship between an average guy and his perfect girlfriend. All goes great until his family and buddies offer their input, then he begins to question how long they’ll last. The film stars Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve.


Remember Me follows the romance between Tyler (Robert Pattinson), who has a strained relationship with his family since the suicide of his brother and Ally (Emilie de Ravin), who is living life to the fullest since witnessing her mother’s murder. Nice jumping off point for a love story, huh?


Hunting for weapons of mass destruction is the theme of Green Zone, starring Matt Damon. A U.S. Army officer goes rogue after discover faulty intelligence.


Our Family Wedding stars America Ferrera and Lance Gross as Lucia Ramirez and Marcus Boyd, an engaged couple planning their big event. Trouble is, their fathers (Forest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia) are working overtime to make their wedding day as difficult as possible because of their monumental egos. The movie also stars Regina King as Angela the voice of reason amid the madness.