Elisabeth Leamy wants you to save thousands of dollars. The Good Morning America consumer correspondent has written a new book, Save Big, that addresses how to find hidden savings in the largest of our expenses.

Leamy says lattes can cost $3.00 a pop and cutting down on our consumption is smart, but why jump over the dollars to pick up the pennies? Leamy suggests in her book for consumers to look deep into the big ticket items, house, car and more, for ways to cut down.

Who knew you could actually ask for a reassessment of property values to reconfigure the tax amounts? How about taking a shorter mortgage at a lower interest rate? Choosing cars based on features rather than on popular names can save consumers plenty if they pay attention. And Leamy advises us to buy used instead of new for our wheels.

And for heaven’s sake, keep a watchful eye on your credit. The more carefully you scrutinize your purchases, pay bills on time and monitor your credit statements, the better rates you’ll receive when securing loans.

Even healthcare needs close examination says the financial expert. Don’t just accept medical costs, inspect the bill for overages and speak up quickly to reverse excessive charges.

Those are just a handful of ways to lower overhead, Leamy points out in Save Big, but there are many other ways to cut down on expenses and put thousands of bucks back in your wallet.

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Leamy’s suggestions of where to save money.

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Leamy pointing out where hidden costs arise.

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Leamy’s advice regarding car purchases.

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Leamy’s comments on scrutinizing your own credit for larger savings on loans and for requesting adjustments on interest rates.

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Leamy’s cautions regarding hidden healthcare costs.

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Elisabeth Leamy’s book, Save Big is currently on store shelves.

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