Cinephiles, Twilight geeks, or for that matter HollywoodOutbreak devotees should understand that this reviewer is not a lovelorn teenage girl nor a romantic with a wolfish or vampiric fetish. These words originate from a near middle aged film reviewer who grew up on Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and Blacula, so his cinematic bloodthirst for The Twilight Saga: New Moon was barely extant.  Twilight was an entirely watchable film, thanks to the innate chemistry between mysterious vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the oh so self conscious and sullen Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart).  But with New Moon, Bella suffers a fate worse than a vampire attack, as Edward and his family leave town, extinguishing their love in the process.  Bella, as expected, enters a deep depression and engages in reckless activities since, for some reason, she feels closer to Edward whenever she’s in danger.  She eventually finds solace in her best friend, a newly buffed out Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner, who is essentially the second lead in the film), a dependable and loyal companion (plus..he’s a werewolf!!) who carries a torch for Bella.   Director Chris Weitz, who last helmed The Golden Compass, proved back in 2002 that he knows how to shoot a flick about intense human relationships with his first rate film About a Boy.  Bella realizes that Jacob will never do anything to hurt her, he’s a true nurturer and protector, plus he sports killer abs that Edward could only dream of.  Yet Edward, with his James Dean-ish posturing and deep set eyes, is Bella’s true soulmate, and exchanging longing looks at each other, at least in the Twilight saga, trumps friendly companionship. Amidst this love triangle is vampire Victoria’s determination to seek revenge on the Cullen family by killing Bella, who is in turn protected by Jacob and his fellow wolf clan.  Believing Bella to be dead after a chain of unfortunate events, Edward travels to Italy to provoke the vampire royalty known as the Volturi (actors Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright, and Dakota Fanning play several of the members) so they will kill him.  It’s up to Bella to stop the proceedings before Edward meets his demise, and since there are two more installments in the Twilight saga, it’s easy to predict the outcome.  New Moon will have its share of naysayers, as the tabloid attention surrounding Stewart, Pattinson, along with the overwhelming popularity of the books has spawned an inevitable backlash.  But as pure escapist entertainment, New Saga doesn’t disappoint, and Stewart, Lautner, and Pattinson do the young adult angst thing so well (although technically Edward Cullen is actually 109 years old).  There really is no original bone in New Moon’s body, but breaking new ground isn’t so great, especially when familiarity breeds a rather good movie.  And by the way, this old man is definitely Team Jacob.