21 (Columbia Pictures PG-13  $28.96) A high stakes action adventure inspired by the true story of the very brightest young minds in the country – and how they took Vegas for millions….and then got caught. Maybe not THE brightest minds, after all.




KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN (City Lights Pictures  R $34.98) This groundbreaking film (the first independent ever to receive the top four Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Director), is set in a non-specific Latin American country and takes a penetrating look at the role of sex and politics under an oppressive right-wing regime. WILLIAM HURT delivers his Oscar-winning performance in this captivating tribute to the power of film and fantasy as escape from inhumane conditions.



PICTURE THIS! (MGM  PG-13  $26.98) ASHLEY TISDALE (star of the hugely popular HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL) plays a high school girl who is invited to a party by the most popular boy in school — only trouble is she’s grounded. A cute enough teen romance that will sell well just because of TISDALE’S presence.



SPACED – THE COMPLETE SERIES (BBC Warner NR $59.98) It only takes one episode to become addicted to this 1999 British Comedy Award-winning series that put comedy soul mates Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes), as well as Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) on the map. One can only hope a threatened American version is never produced. This is one of those brilliant, off-center, lightning-in-a-bottle creations that gets you so jazzed, you want to turn all your friends on to it. Traded and sold on the underground market for years, it’s about time its found it’s way to legit DVD. This one is a BUY!





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