With their long-time feud now up in smoke, legendary comics CHEECH MARIN and TOMMY CHONG held a press conference at The Troubador in West Hollywood yesterday to announce that the iconic CHEECH & CHONG are reteaming for their first comedy tour in twenty-five years.

After mulling over such names as: The “What’s That Smell” Tour and the “Catch ‘Em Before They Croak” Tour, the duo settled on CHEECH AND CHONG: THE LIGHT UP AMERICA TOUR.

Both CHEECH and CHONG acknowledged that with the popularity of shows and movies like WEEDS, PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and HAROLD & KUMAR the time is ripe for a revival of dope jokes.

TOMMY CHONG took the mic and explained what the tour means to him:

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The nascent acting career of CHRIS PINE has yielded little seen films like JUST MY LUCK and SMOKIN’ ACES but after landing the role of James Kirk in JJ ABRAMS’ re-imagining of STAR TREK, PINE’S star should rise exponentially. The crazy thing is that, although PINE is thankful for the part, STAR TREK was not exactly on his TV radar while growing up. The actor talked to HOLLYWOOD OUTBREAK about STAR TREK, and he actually let a little “gold suit” slip into the conversation. Check out this clip:

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Someone has just ‘youtubed’ the first official trailer for HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE and we couldn’t be more excited.

This one looks dark…very dark.

Check it out:


When producer KEVIN COSTNER and director JOSH STERN had to cast a band for their new comedy, SWING VOTE, they didn’t have to look too far.

COSTNER is actually in a band called MODERN WEST that was a perfect match for the movie’s WILLIE NELSON cover band, THE HALF NELSONS.

But KEVIN (who financed the film out of his own pocket) wants prople to know that this isn’t a case of ‘vanity casting’….it was more a case of them working ‘cheap’. Listen in:

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